1 playsuit – 2 ways (Day to Night)

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Hello! For quite some time now I’ve been trying to find the perfect playsuit. The one that is not cheesy, or too tight, or too colorful. And today I found this one from Kate Moss for Topshop. I think it’s a perfect basic you can wear with everything. I thought I’d style it in 2 different ways online, since I don’t have it myself yet (such a pity, but a girl can’t have everything). Soo 2 ways - one for day, one for night. It took me ages until i find what I wanted, and to be honest, that’s still not exactly what it was in my head unfortunately :)

The first look is what I basically wear non stop. Trainers, few rings, denim shirt, YSL sheer lipstick - cool basics. I think the backpack and glasses are breaking the things down a little bit and give more of a street vibe. I’m seriously so late but I finally started liking mirrored glasses few months back and I need these in my life! As I’ve told you already I’m the biggest fan of white Converse and backpacks. So this outfit is perfect for me. I should just buy it all probably, haha :)

The second look is for a night out. I usually hate high heels and never wear them (even in clubs) except when I have piano gigs, but these Saint Laurent once are just so classic and perfect that I think every girl should own a pair like this for a special moment. The oversized pink blazer is making the outfit appropriate for the chilly summer nights. And this bag, oh my, this bag is a treasure! Really wish I can get my hands on it someday. I tried to find the brightest red lipstick and I wanted to stick with Chanel because it’s my favorite. Overall I think it’s a very chic young outfit everyone can pull off.

What do you think? How would you style this same playsuit ?

Playsuit - Kate Moss for Topshop

Outfit 1: Glasses, Lipstick, Denim shirt, Backpack, Rings, Converse

Outfit 2: Necklace, Blazer, Lipstick, Watch, Shoes, Bag

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1 playsuit 2 ways day to night


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