Effortless chic

image26-1024x768    pic4 image40-1024x768Hey guys! I just had the most amazing weekend! On friday I went on this beautiful island in Helsinki called Suomenlinna. Was such a nice hot sunny day, we walked all around it, had picnic and sunbathed. I’m going to upload some pictures to my Instagram so you check them out. The bad side of the little boat trip we had was that I burned pretty badly - only my hands and neck though. Not very flattering. Then the next day there was this World Village Festival where we could listen to live music, eat food from all over the world (which was very exotic), lay on the grass and just enjoy the amazing weather. Good times! This is what I wore on the festival day. Pretty effortless and I was actually going for it. Almost unbuttoned silk shirt, straight check pants - pretty casual but doesn’t look that casual when you look at it. That shirt is just so soft and breezy. In this hot day that was exactly what I needed.

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun also?:)

I’m wearing: Shirt - Stockmann / Pants - Zara / RayBan - Clubmasters / Shoes - Asos / Bag - DKNY / Belt - Tiger of Sweden

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