10174880_10202946404574444_8715567465373388354_nHello! I am a fashion enthusiast originally from Bulgaria but based in Helsinki, Finland! I’m 22 years old and I am a professional pianist. Music has always been my first love since the age of 5, when i started playing the piano. The last few hears I’ve been traveling a lot around Europe because of my job as a cocktail pianist and after becoming more open-minded European girl i fell in love with fashion as well. Of course even when i was younger i always cared how i look, I liked shopping, I was always excited about clothes, and how to put them together into a nice outfit. But the last 2-3 years everything i do in my free time, everything I’m excited about is FASHION FASHION FASHION! And the fact that I’m spending my life in so inspiring Scandinavian capitals like Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo helps me a lot to open to new possibilities and keeps me up to date with new fashion trends and ideas.

I made this blog so i can share with you everything that inspires me, and also to challenge myself to be more consistent, and teach myself some new lessons. I hope you would enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!


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