What is Anilingus?


What is Anilingus?

Anilingus is the third type of oral sex. It involves the stimulation of the anus and/or perineum of one person by the mouth of another. This type of oral sex is less widespread than the common fellatio and cunnilingus which you can enjoy at athens call girls or athens call girl, but it is widely practised by the gay community and by many adventurous heterosexual couples.

Most people feel at least uneasy about the idea of placing their mouth against somebody’s anus because of the health issues involved. However, careful risk management and a few precautions are enough to let anyone explore anilingus in a very safe manner.

Most people are introduced to anilingus by accident. Often times, the tongue that licks the lower part of the labia or the testicles slips further down. Some people don’t like the feeling, others are intrigued by it and decide to explore further.

Others are introduced to this way of getting pleasure through anal play or through anal sex. Frankly, once you’ve started playing in the anal area, it’s pretty likely that you would end up trying anilingus. The basic requirement is to keep an open mind about it. If the partner enjoys it and you don’t mind it, what’s to stop you from trying it?

The biggest concern when it comes to anilingus is safety. Since the anus and rectum are rife with bacteria and germs, there is a legitimate concern about the health risks involved.

However, there are ways to avoid the risks. The simplest thing you could do is to maintain a careful anal hygiene. Use enemas to wash away any trace of faecal matter from the rectum. The two partners can take a bath together before anal play and clean each other. This is a good way of putting those fears at rest.

Still, the best way to protect oneself against bacteria is to use a thin layer of plastic or a dental dam. This will act as a sort of condom for your tongue and let you experience anilingus without fear. If you don’t have a dental dam, you could slit a condom open and use the latex film to prevent direct contact between your tongue and the anus.

Beginners should stick to using this kind of protection until they get used to both the thorough cleaning and to trusting each other to do the right thing.A word of caution. The first thing you must always do after engaging in unprotected anilingus is to wash your mouth. Preferably with antiseptic mouthwash. Don’t kiss your partner and don’t go for cunnilingus.
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What belongs to the anus, stays in the anus. Pleasure is good, infections are not. Be careful and stay safe.

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