2 top things to do in Santorini

There are numerous points to do in Fira Santorini. It actually boils down to how much time you have to invest, car hire Santorini and whether you wish to be adventurous or take an extra less active technique. Right here’s my variation of the top 2 points to do in Fira Santorini. These can all be performed in a day, and they won’t spend a lot either. Whilst Santorini is just one of one of the most widely known islands in Greece, and heavily often visited by visitors I wouldn’t have actually missed it for the world. It’s gorgeous, yet it’s the geological nature of it being improved the caldera that makes it one-of-a-kind and also very special.

Walk down 587 steps

Part of the wonder of Santorini is that it is rather actually built on the top (as well as the side!) of the caldera. Despite most of the communities being up on the top, there are a number of towns being built mixed-up level. There are a number of ways of getting down there, however probably the most daring is strolling. It’s a must do. Walking on the old donkey path from Fira down to the Old Port, in among all the donkeys is except the faint-hearted, especially in the midst of summer season.

So rent Santorini port car rental and find out the magic of the island. If the actions don’t get you, being on sharp for the donkeys, and having to get near the wall surface as they weave their method down, frequently stuffed with passengers, and also having to sidestep their droppings will maintain you busy.

Although it is a downhill walk, in the full blast of the Greek summer season sun it can still be exceptionally demanding, so before you commence the journey, make certain you have a lot of water. Take it slowly if you require to, there’s no race to be won. If you do procure the whole way down, you will be rewarded with remarkable sights across the caldera.

Stroll throughout Santorini

Stroll almost everywhere. Santorini is a very easy area to walk and also it’s not a place you can get lost conveniently, but take lots of water with you as it is warm and also dry. You can stray with all of the buying areas, as well as even from community to town. Walking allows you to really value your surrounds and to absorb the array of postcard pictures covering you.

We strolled from Fira to Firastefani by means of the streets, a much less attractive way to walk. This took us concerning 25 minutes, with several of it being uphill and in among the insane vehicle drivers. En route back to Fira, we picked to walk the committed pedestrian path which takes you along the edge of the buildings, supplying incredible views of the caldera, as well as all the dining establishments and also resorts that line this area. Firastefani is home to much of the extra costly houses as well as resorts and also would be a terrific alternative to stay if you wished to be appropriate in the thick of every little thing.

These are just some of the things that are not always mentioned in listings of points to do in Fira. In real truth, there are so many more. There are likewise numerous tasks that you can take part in from Fira. Rent a car Santorini airport will save you. Will help you when you need to take a boat out to the volcano, checking out various other seaside villages as well as the beaches.

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Visiting Akrotiri of Thera with Santorini Top Tours

The Bronze Age settlement of Akrotiri was just one of the most important Minoan city centres as well as ports in the Aegean Sea when it was covered by ashes in the 17th century BC.

The prehistoric negotiation of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini (Thíra) is among the most vital sites in the Aegean. In prehistory it was a well connected Minoan port community, with links to mainland Greece and as away as Egypt and Syria. As the community was covered in ash complying with a volcanic eruption on the island, conservation of the settlement is remarkable, making this of one of the most considerable archaeological sites in Greece.

Book a Santorini top tour and visit all Santorini sightseeings!

Today the site is covered by a bioclimatic roofing system as well as walkways are put on hold over the archaeological remains, that allows visitors to stroll amongst the two as well as three-storey buildings. Walkways suspended above the archaeological remnants of the ancient port at Akrotiri. Walkways lead visitors around an energetic historical excavation.

History behind Akrotiri – Santorini

Akrotiri is described as the ‘Greek Pompeii‘ due to the fact that the place was covered in ashes. As well as, like its Italian name, a charred bed was additionally recouped by archaeologists. This together with a variety of frescoes and also other artefacts get on screen in the Akrotiri of Thera Room in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

Although the earliest evidence of habitation days to the Late Neolithic times (around 6,000 years ago), it was not up until the Late Bronze Age (cira 4,000 years ago) that Akrotiri had become one of the major city centres as well as ports in the Aegean Sea. The extent of the negotiation is an estimated 20 hectares; although it has actually not all been discovered.

Significant features in Akrotiri – Santorini

A fancy water drainage system was discovered in Akrotiri, as well as was composed of sophisticated multi-storey buildings that were decorated with charming wall-paintings. The top quality and also amount of the furniture and also ceramic vessels are evidence of the town’s prosperity. Whereas the numerous imported things recuperated by excavators indicate a broad network of interaction across the Mediterranean; from Crete and also the Dodecanese islands to landmass Greece, from Cyprus to Egypt and Syria.

At some point towards the end of the 17th century BC the residents of the town were required to leave after a series of severe quakes. There complied with a volcanic eruption, the ash of which totally covered the island and also the town. The precise day of the eruption is questioned, however it is typically accepted that this was the biggest volcanic eruption in the last 4,000 years.

Book a Private Santorini Tour to Get to Akrotiri

The historical site of Akrotiri is directly south of the modern village with the exact same name, at the south-western part of the crescent designed island of Thíra, the largest island in the Santorini island chain.

Akrotiri is easy to drive to if you have a rental vehicle or your own one. Yet having a car of tour own is not that vital. Public transport is difficult especially on high season, and also there are few buses from Fira (the main bus terminal for the island) to the parking area at Akrotiri Red Beach throughout the week.

Alternatively, book a private Santorini tour to take advantage all your free time and see more apart from the archaeological site of Akrotiri. Some of the private Santorini tours consist of a hotel transfer.

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Booking a car in Santorini


You might be travelling to Santorini for different reasons. This can be either for work or even enjoy yourself on a much needed vacation. If you are visiting Singapore as a tourist then it is here that you will need to hire a car rental service provider to help you. Here are some of the advantages of going in for renting a car in Santorini.

Comfortable travel

On selecting an excellent car rental company, you can easily enjoy your trip while in Singapore in the country to the fullest. It is also possible for you to go in for the airport pickup. On finishing the airport clearance you will be able to step into your private car which will take you straight to your hotel.

If you hold the required license of Singapore, it will also be possible for you to enjoy driving in Singapore. This will be possible through the many luxury cars which are nowadays made available by the renting a car in Santorini service providers and you are on your way to enjoy your drive through the beautifully laid out constructed roads in the country. It will also be possible for you to travel to the neighboring countries such as Malaysia by road in the car which you have your rented. Most of the car rental companies in Singapore are now making the car rental service in Singapore to Malaysia easy and affordable.

Attractive rates

On renting a car in Santorini you will also get attractive rates. This will be possible only if you are able to book your car well in advance. In this way you will not have to pay a hefty sum for the fuel charges as well as the rental charges when compared to the convenience provided. What’s more you will get to conveniently travel across the country without waiting for the public modes of transport.

Easy booking options: You can very easily book your car from the comforts of your home or office. This can be done by easily searching for reputed car rental companies as there are lots of companies who even accept online bookings. Simply visit the online portals and go through the list of available vehicles. You will be able to see and compare the prices of these cars. On having selected your car you can book the vehicle for the time period you require. It, however, pays to be cautious with the dates as cancellations might attract extra charges.

When you rent a car in Santorini, it will definitely provide you with all these advantages. Since you will be having your own car to travel around, you can enjoy a lot of privacy.

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