Diary: A day in Tallinn

Hey everyone! Yesterday I had an amazing one-day trip to Estonia. Unfortunately the weather was bad but so I could enjoy some good restaurants, cafes and clothing stores. :) I’m showing some pictures of my day and I hope you enjoy that I’m sharing some personal information with you! :)


As always we took the ferry to there and had some fun time in the karaoke in the morning and then nice music from a famous finnish band on the way back! Good times :)

The moment we went into the city I wanted breakfast so we went straight to the mall and found a simple Deli with many different breakfast options. I chose the chicken wrap.

And on the top floor of “Viru keskus” we found the most amazing little cafe inside of a book store (which btw is pretty normal in Scandinavia and I love it). They had the most amazing little desserts and pastries there but I had to save some place for the lunch after all.


For lunch we went to one cool restaurant in the center called “Platz”. They make the most beautiful food decorations ever. I took pasta which is quite simple but still tasted amazing!

We had to take 2 different desserts of course so I can try both of them since the dessert is the most important part of the meal for me! The first one was blue cheese ice cream with pears and some other stuff that I didn’t know. It sounds super weird, I know, but it was soo delicious and light. You definitely have to try it if you ever go to Tallinn!

And this was just a “simple” chocolate cake xx


Every time I’m in Tallinn I like going to a bit fancier restaurants and try different food since it’s much cheaper there than what I’m used to here in Finland. Other places I like there a lot and worth the visit are “Sfäär” (kind of snobby but cool place  inside of a designer store, amazing decor) and the cafe in L’ Ermitage hotel where I stayed last time. :)


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diary a day in tallinn



  1. Oh Wow, you are so close to my home town Riga! If you have a chance, go and visit, we have plenty of amazing restaurants there and probably even cheaper than Tallinn x

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