Featured in “Links à la Mode” again

This is my second time when a post of mine is being featured on heartifb.com website. I am very happy about it and thankful that they’ve chosen me. It means a lot to me and is a big appreciation for what I do and am passionate about :) This is a great way for all of you new bloggers to get some popularity and new visitors to your blog. Definitely you should give it a try! Check out the other bloggers in top 20 and their posts also! :)



Image is Everything?

You could say that in fashion and beauty, “Image is everything.” But is it really? Would you photoshop your images to look more model-like? If so, what’s the difference between that and say, coloring your hair? Or wearing shapewear? Where does that line exist between getting a little help and “fabricating reality.” This week we have some excellent posts, both on improving your looks with great beauty hacks and on where you can go too far when it comes to presenting your best face online.

Links à la Mode: June 12th

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featured in links a la mode again



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