How to spice up your basics

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Are you one of those people that have only black, grey and white jeans and t-shirts in their wardrobe? Do you feel stupid looking the same way every day? Well I can give you some tips on how to fresh it up and look awesome with just a little touch.

The last year I focused mostly on buying staples, because I used to have only colorful clothes that didn’t really go with everything, and you know how annoying it is to wear “this” shirt with only “this” pair of pants and not be able to use the maximum of your clothes. So after I bought all of the grey and black jeans, white shirts and basic jackets I realized that now the accent is missing. So I’ll tell you what i changed and what really helped me to spice up my wardrobe.

1. Colorful outerwear - If you have your jeans and t-shirt on and you add a bright and more interesting piece on top you instantly have an amazing outfit and people will notice you on the street. If you are too scared to risk it buy some light pastel colour trench - they are not that “in your face” but still very fashionable for the upcoming season and still will bring some interest in your outfit. Or if you want it bold just pick any bright color, print or whatever your imagination leads you to.

2. Statement accessories - Necklace, hat, bag - if they are with interesting design or colour you definitely got it right. For example the hat doesn’t need to be anything special - just because you decided to add a hat to your look it immediately works it’s job. And a bag is always a good statement - everybody looks at it anyways.

3. Interesting shoes - Well for me shoes are the most important part. If you choose something with interesting design it’s enough like these shoes from Robert Clergerie. For spring-summer I really like floral print on flats and sneakers (I’m not really a heels type of girl :)

What are your tricks? Share with me in a comment, I would like to learn something new also :)

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how to spice up your basics



  1. I’m all about the Philip L piece, I’m in London at the moment and have been seeing those tops everywhere It’s a great outerwear piece to dress up with heels or dress down with the sporty vibe!

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