I wish I could wear today..

i wish i could wear todayi wish i could wear todayi wish i could wear today
Hey guys!
I had such a great weekend at the summer cottage. The weather was awesome - sunny, warm and surprisingly not windy since it’s on an island. Did some boat rides and fishing (very relaxing while listening to music). Can’t wait to go back there soon :)
I’ve been going crazy over the sales lately. Still haven’t bought much but I’m planning on changing that soon since I have my eyes on some great items now. I decided to stop splurging on things I’m not completely sure I want just because they are on sale. And I care a lot about the quality also. During the last years I’ve bought so many shoes and I haven’t worn most of them more than ones. I’m so tired of that because I know how specific and picky I am with shoes (I want them to be super comfortable, don’t have time or patience to break them in at all) but I was still buying crappy ones.. No more! Trying to buy stuff only from good brands and good materials.
This little outfit has been on my mind today and I really want to buy similar numbers to these (especially a good leather jacket).
What are your cravings at the moment and how do you prevent yourself from buying tons of unnecessary things during sale time? Share your advice with me, please! :)

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i wish i could wear today



    • Yeah, they started growing in me, because in the beginning when they came out I didn’t like them at all :) But now they seem like perfect for every outfit, so you’re right that they would get lots of use!

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