In my bag today

Hey everyone! The weather is slowly getting better here so I’ve been out a lot cycling and walking. The place where I live is so beautiful and calm and I love being out in the late afternoon. In my bag today I had my daily necessities of course like phone and wallet. I adore this wallet because of the bright blue color inside and the fact that is opening like a book - it looks pretty unique. It was a Christmas gift from a very special person and I kind of asked for it beforehand:) And since the Sun has been out a bit more these days I can’t survive without my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses. If you know me, I don’t wear much make up but I always have something on my lips. I used to wear a lot of red colors before but lately since I’m in Finland and somehow my skin and hair are always dry I started using more lip balms (preferably tinted) and light colored moisturizing lipsticks. This one by YSL is perfect for every day because it’s so creamy and light, just like the one from Lancome which is in more of a pink shade. That’s what I basically have in my bag on a daily basis, and I forgot to include my earphones that I usually use in the train when going downtown:)

What are your bag essentials? Do you prefer lipsticks or lip balms?:)

YSL lipstick, Lancome, Ray Ban, Wallet (similar)



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  1. i wish you had an about me page on your blog! would like to know more about you…ie where you live, what you do etc. an about me page is so necessary if you want to build a personal connection with readers that will keep them coming back

    • Yeah, they r very creamy and moisturizing! And the wallet inside is even cooler than the outside:)

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