No makeup day





I miss these awesome sunny days that we had here last week. Now it’s only raining, and raining, and cold! I wore this outfit when I was chiling in the park without any makeup or hairstyle (not like a ever have but) and I guess it’s nothing special. I decided to share it with you anyways because this was what it was this day:) I usually never wear more than concealer, mascara and a lipstick and in the summer even less. I like myself without makeup more than with makeup, eventhough it sounds weird:)

I have some news in my personal life also. Tomorrow I’m moving to a new apartment for the summer and I’m quite excited for this change. And the other thing is that I just got accepted to university yesterday. Yay! International business - very far from what I’ve done until now. But I have big hopes for it and can’t wait until autumn.:)

Do you have something excited happening in your life also? Would be nice to share it with me!

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no makeup day



  1. Your style is a unique one! I really like how you matched leather skirt and sneakers. Will give it a try soon (well, if the weather here in the Philippines would allow me to sport it comfortably). Have you moved yet to your new apartment? I bet your new apartment is an amazing one! Blessings on your life’s journey!:)


    • Heey thanks for your support! I haven’t re-moved yet, probably on fall:)

    • Thank you so much! It’s getting warm again soon so I am excited for the summer finally.:)

  2. No fair, you are stunning without makeup!!! I really like this shirt too! So breezy and springy. And congrats on getting into uni!!! International business sounds like it’ll be really interesting and challenging. I just finished my degree so I know how stressful the next few years will be, but at the same time so rewarding! Good luck!


    • Thank you very much! I’m super excited for the uni! Thanks for stopping by:)

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