Rihanna Reportedly Is Renting Private English Island to Work on New Music

Rihanna Reportedly Is Renting Private English Island to Work on New Music

Rihanna is working on new music, and according to The Mirror, she’s doing it from the comfort of a private island she has rented for herself. The British outlet reports that RiRi has been recording music in “a state-of-the-art studio on Osea island,” which is in an estuary in Essex.

Osea Island boasts a gym, cinema, pool, and “quaint little cottages” where Rihanna’s team, friends, and family can stay. The island costs £20,000 ($25,469.50) a day to rent. That’s a lot…but also, Rihanna is the world’s richest female musician. Forbes reports that her worth is estimated to be $600 million.

A source told The Mirror that Rihanna has had some company while she’s been working on her music, although the album generally is not her main focus. “Rihanna has invited family to spend time with her while she works,” the source explained. “She’s had a few stints in the studio since her last album, but she’s been really focused on her makeup, clothing and lingerie lines. But since she moved to London, she has had friends and family staying with her so she can work at her own pace, surrounded by the people she loves.”

The island she is said to be renting, by the way, looks incredible:

Rihanna revealed to T magazine last month that she has been living in London. She has appreciated just being able to walk “around the block” and having some anonymity there. “When I go walking, I try to keep it a little incognito,” she said.

Rihanna did tease earlier this week that work on her album is happening, posting a shot of herself working on her music. “Behind the scenes of ‘where’s the album?’ 5:40 a.m.,” she captioned her Instagram Story.

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