Summer dressing guide

Hello guys!

The team of has made this awesome infographic with the top trends of summer 2014. I thought it’s a good idea to share it with you since I like it and agree with everything they’ve included here. My favorite trends have to be backpacks (as you probably guessed already) and orange lips. Haven’t worn my orange lipstick recently and this reminded me to start using it again because I absolutely love how it looks and I think it’s even better on a summer tanned skin. Absolutely stunning. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from this and have awesome trendy summer!

Share with me what is your favorite trend of all these! :)

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summer dressing guide



  1. This is one nice list of essentials! I’m loving the “art prints” part cause they are such a fun to play with!

    • Great! I agree, I have a few shirts with prints on them and I like how they spice up my outfits :)

    • They are really great and feminine! I don’t own one myself yet but I should fix that soon :)

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