Waiting for summer



Hey everyone! Can somebody please tell me why is it still so cold and rainy? I start wondering if summer will ever come to Finland! Don’t be fooled by the fact that I’m not wearing any jacket, it was all just for the photoshoot.:) I visited some clothing stores yesterday and was looking at the cute loose shorts that are now everywhere but I think I won’t even need them at all but let’s see. I still wear my beanies and sweaters, as you can see from the pictures. I tried to find my bag from the DKNY’s online store, where I bought it from, so I can show you, but it’s not there anymore. So if you live in Helsinki try Stockmann. I think they still have it there, or at least the similar model.

Btw it would be nice to know where are my first readers from since I just started the blog. Leave a comment below telling me which country are you from, I’ll be happy to see it :)

I’m wearing: Hat - Gina Tricot / Sweater - local store in Oslo / Shirt - Zara / Leggings - old / Bag - DKNY / Shoes - Converse

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waiting for summer



  1. It is raining and a bit cold today here and I just couldn’t wear a jacket. I am so sick of wearing jackets that I would rather be a little cold, haha. Can’t wait for summer to really get here!

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