Wish list: Summer sales

1.Zara 2.Zara 3.COS 4.COS  5.Zara 6.Net-a-Porter 7.COS 8.Zara 

I’ve been looking all around for nice deals since the summer sale started already. Zara and COS are my favorites at the moment and I visit them in Helsinki quite a lot the last few days (can’t get enough). There might be a second part of this wish list because there were just so many things that caught my eyes. I really like these picks and want to buy them myself. I hope you like them too :)

Where is your favorite place to shop and what item are you looking for at the moment?

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wish list summer sales



    • Yes, a girl can never have enough white T-shirts and the softer the better :)

    • Great! I love metallic in general and when I saw this sweatshirt I fell in love :)

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